This weather page was created to share our most vital weather resources with our teams as well as the general public. Most of our weather related decisions are based on information from these National Weather Service (NWS) links. Please note that the Charleston NWS covers counties as far north as Tyler County. Pittsburgh NWS covers counties from Wetzel north.

Weather Forecast Tools

The “7 Day Forecast” webpage is our main source of day to day weather information. Notice that by inserting a zip code or city & state you can instantly get this same detailed information for anywhere in the US. Special weather bulletins, watches and warnings will show up in red on this page.

The "Hourly Forecast" page gives you the ability to look ahead and see what the forecast is at any exact hour you choose. This page can be customized to show special detailed data for fire fighting as well as aviation.

The “Enhanced Data Display” known as EDD is a new application developed by the meteorologists at the Charleston WV National Weather Service using the latest computer and weather technology available. This powerful new tool is completely customizable and designed to help planners quickly make accurate weather related decisions.

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The “Charleston WV Radar” site is very useful for watching storms move through the area. Please note that the views only show the area covered by that radar. For example the Charleston radar view may not show the storm north of Tyler County even though it may be just as heavy as to the north. Use the arrows on the top, left corner of the radar screen to bring up surrounding radar views.

Hydrological Information

The “Ohio River Level” tool provides valuable actual readings and predicted levels between the Hannibal and Willow Island locks and dams. Be aware that these readings do not directly correspond with levels above or below this pool! For example 35 feet is flood stage in the Hannibal pool but not the other pools. This page can also be customized to cover the levels of many rivers in the US.

The “Middle Island Level” shows the exact stream level on Middle Island at Little, WV (Hissom’s Camp Bridge). This tool does not show forecasted levels, only actual levels.

The “Rain, Hail, Snow” link will connect you with CoCoRaHS. It is an acronym for the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network. CoCoRaHS is a unique, non-profit, community-based network of volunteers of all ages and backgrounds working together to measure and map precipitation (rain, hail and snow).

Other Important Links

The “Power Outages” link takes you to First Energy’s power outage page. Here you can click on “Summary” and then “Outages by County(WV)”. You can also find expected times of restoration and report outages from this site.