January Search and Rescue Training

Although plans had to be changed last week we are on schedule for our January SAR field training. We plan to meet at the Arvilla Community Center this Saturday, Jan 20th at 10:00am. Call or email me if you need directions.

The plan is to have Dr. McClure do a presentation on “Lightning” and how it affects search and rescue.

Directly after this Don Williams will give us direction on the NASAR forms involved with SAR.

Since we will be in an area isolated from landline and cell service we plan to briefly go over the WV Homeland Security State Interoperable Radio System (SIRN). We will attempt to contact WV DHS and some local 911 centers. This will allow us to send and receive emergency calls even though we are out of cell service.

We are also planning to do some map training. This will lead us outdoors, so please bring your pack and outdoor clothing.

After the field training the canine handlers plan to get together and work their dogs in the same area.

Please call or email me with any questions.

Tom Cooper


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